Product Name:

Abra for Windows

Telephone Number:


Current Version

Abra Suite 5.0x-6.0x

R&R Version

Xbase V. 6.0 embedded w/ V4.x
Xbase V. 8.0 embedded w/ V5.x & V6.x




The Abra Suite HRIS solution offers comprehensive payroll processing, recruiting, training and human resources benefits administration.

Although Abra includes a customized version of R&R, a separate R&R license allows Abra users to integrate data with other xBase applications. Full R&R licenses also include runtime controls, scheduler, data dictionary and other components NOT included in Abra’s version of R&R.


Liveware Additional Services Available:

  • Expertise in report design and custom requests.
  • Database specific tech support
  • Customized training classes
  • Field Guide to be completed Winter 2000-2001
  • Customization of Abra system as an Authorized Business Partner
  • Report templates and sample reports available upon request
  • Integration of R&R V8.1 with upcoming Abra release is pending